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  • M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (GNIPST) was established in the year 2005 and conducts five post graduate courses in Pharmacy, where M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry was introduced from 2011.
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry is part of the larger field of medicinal chemistry. Pharmaceutical chemists develop and evaluate new and better drugs for the healthcare industry. When someone gets ill, he/she takes some medicine and recovers. What is there in the Medicine? Is that a magic or miracle?
  • Actually there lies the fun of chemistry, contribution of Pharmaceutical chemistry. Within that white powder or syrup, there is some Active Pharmaceutical ingredient (API) which inside our body interacts with some target and produce activity by which the sick person gets well soon.
  • How? The answer lies in Pharmaceutical chemistry. API has a definite structure by which it can reach and bind to target and helps in recovery.
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry includes a lot of skills and basic knowledge of drug. This includes understanding how to purify and identify products, how to analyze and identify different compounds, how to understand biological functions, and the process of which drugs work. The skills can be gained by the special knowledge of Pharmaceutical chemistry at undergraduate level and further and final development through M Pharm knowledge.
  • After completion of M Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry course one can further proceed for higher studies or else can enter the world of Pharmaceutical R& D, or Quality control & Quality Assurance, and any other aspects of healthcare industry. It gives the basic knowledge so that one can engulf and be absorbed any field of Pharmacy in future.
  • GNIPST is one of the best pharmaceutical college at West Bengal having B Pharm, M Pharm and provides support for further development in their pharmaceutical career. A strong Alumni network from M Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry of GNIPST is glorifying the name at not only different parts of India but also all over the world.
  • Eligibility & Intake :-

Candidate should have passed B.Pharma from recognized university.

Duration - 2 years

Intake - 12