Photography Club

SL NO Name of the Members Designation Position in Club
1. Ms.Anuranjita Kundu Assistant Professor Chairman
3. Dipayan Saha Student Vice Chairman
4. Ingit Paul Student Vice Chairman
5. Arka Guin Student Joint Secretary
6. Shreya Bhattacharya Student Joint Secretary
7. Md.Mostafijur Rahaman Student Joint Deputy Secretary
8. Amitesh Chakraborty Student Joint Deputy Secretary
9. Angita Malakar Student Member
10. Mainak Ray Student Member
11. Debdeep Pramanick Student Member
12. Suraj Biswas Student Member
13. Sourabh Das Student Member
14. Abhishek Saha Student Member
15. Annaysha Kundu Student Member
16. Arka Guin Student Member
17. Trisha Manna Student Member
18. Pritha Paul Student Member
19. Ms.Prapti Chakraborty Assistant Professor Member Secretary

Event Calendar

  • 19th August- Competition on the occasion of “World Photography Day”
  • Photography Competition on the theme- Nature photography- Month of October
  • Workshop on photography- For both Semester
  • Photography Competition on college fest IRIS- March