• To promote innovation, creativity and engagement in Pharmaceutical science.
  • To foster problem solving ability and project based learning.
  • To provide hands on / practical learning and engagement in the process of Pharmaceutical science, technology and innovation.
  • To retain talent in modern science to excite the young minds of the country about innovation for inclusive growth and better future.
  • To help the society and economy to face future challenges in Pharmaceutical science & technology.

Innovative & Scientific Model Club

SL NO Name of the Members Designation Position in Club
1 Mr. Samrat Bose Assistant.Prof. Chairman
2 Mr. Manthan Kumar Samui Student Vice Chairman
3 Ms. Swastik Sinha Student Joint Vice Chairman
4 Mr. Shirsendu Mandal Student Joint Secretary
5 Ms. Diya Mondal Student Joint Secretary
6 Ms. Subhangi Jha Student Joint Deputy Secretary
7 Ms. Trisha Das Student Joint Deputy Secretary
8 Dr. Asis Bala Associate Professor. Member Secretary