Event Calendar

  • Fresher’s Welcome -3rd Week of August (after induction programme)
  • Pre Diwali celebration- November before Diwali Holidays.
  • Saraswati Puja- On the day of Saraswati Puja
  • Reunion Program- 2nd Sunday of Feb
  • Cultural Fest-2nd week of March
  • Farewell Program- 2nd week of May

Cultural Club

Sl No. Name of the Member Designation Position in Club
1 Ms.Priyanka Ray, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Chairperson
2 Riyanka Rana Student Vice Chairman
3 Romita Gucchait Student Joint Secretary
4 Pramit Sahoo Student Deputy joint secretary
5 Ms.Sumana Roy, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member
6 Ms. Jeenatara Begum, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member
7 Mr. Soumya Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member
8 Mr. Dipanjan Mandal, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member
9 Ms. PraptiChakraborty, Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member
10 Dr. Sanchari Bhattacharya Associate  Professor, GNIPST Member
11 Adhisha Mukherjee Student Member
12 Souparna Kar Student Member
13 Meghoparna Kundu Student Member
14 Pritam Roy Student Member
15 Saswata Mondal Student Member
16 Sreeza Ghosh Student Member
17 Sayan Acharjee Student Member
18 Ankita Mondal Student Member
19 Ushashi Mukherjee Student Member
20 Prapti Sarkar Student Member
21 Prattaya Sikder Student Member
22 Shibshankar Mahato Student Member
23 Gurpreet Kaur Student Member
24 Simran Kaur Student Member
25 Sritama Karmakar Student Member
26 Soumick Ghosh Roy Student Member
27 Tamalika Chakraborty Assistant Professor, GNIPST Member Secretary